Divya Dutta on Satish Kaushik’s demise: I missed him just by a few minutes at Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi’s Holi party – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Satish Kaushik’s sudden demise has shocked the entire nation and his void in the industry is something that can never be filled. The ace actor-director suffered from a heart attack. He was 66.
ETimes reached out to Divya Dutta who had some special memories of him to share with us. Reacting to his sudden demise, she said, “I woke up to the news and I am beyond shocked. I met him just recently. He was hale and hearty. It just shows how life is unpredictable and you just have to live the moment.”

Elaborating further, Divya added, “I missed him by just a few minutes at Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi’s Holi party. I had also met him at Javed sahab’s ‘Jadunama’ book launch event. He is somebody who is extremely positive about life and that zest for life. He had the knack of making people feel that there is no problem and that everything is fine. Ye jazbaa bahut pyaara tha unka. He was such a warm human being. Inevitably, every time he met me he would say to me, ‘Yaar, kabhi toh ganda kaam kar diya kar!’ The last time I spoke to him, he said let’s meet for a coffee. There was a lot we had to catch up on. That will never happen now.”

Divya continued, “I am still finding it difficult to digest this news. Some people you just don’t see this happening to. It was just not the time. There was a lot of him as an actor, director and as a person that we had to see.”

Talking about his rich body of work, Divya added, “He has left behind such a body of such beautiful movies. As an actor, he was effortless. His sense of humour was marvelous. You sit with him and there’s not a dull moment. I have been lucky to have sat with him, Javed sahab and Anupam Kher. I was amused how every line had such wit and humour. His movies were landmarks. That ethereal smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes are simply unforgettable.”

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