ETimes Troll Slayer: Netizens trashing Deepika Padukone’s Oscar appearance need lessons in inclusivity | Hindi Movie News

Deepika Padukone made India proud as she represented the country at the 95th Academy Awards. The actress made heads turn in a stunning black gown, paired with matching velvet gloves. She sported an updo bun and cat wing lashes. Deepika completed her elegant look with a statement Cartier necklace with a pear-shaped yellow diamond pendant, a diamond bracelet and ring.

Instead of lauding the actress, some netizens could spew hate. ETimes condemns such negativity, especially when it is directed towards someone who has a good deal of achievements to her name.

Take a look at some of the digs Deepika Padukone faced and our response to the same:

“Why it’s similar to lady gaga 2019 oscar”


It is not her fault if Deepika’s Oscar moment reminded you of another iconic look… she was serving style while you hunt for hate. To quote facts, Deepika and Lady Gaga’s looks were quite different, colours don’t define similarity and the comparisons that you forcibly want to create, just reflects your limited mindset. Perhaps next time, take a quick course in couture before making a mockery of yourself.

“Could have worn a beautiful handwoven saree. You all represent India. Who better to promote our right craft heritage.”


You may voice your thoughts but the distasteful words used to pull down an actress is sheer nasty! Deepika chose whatever she felt was the best and we must stand by her in this moment of glory, instead of slamming her with hate.

“White skin kese hoye?”


The likes of you can never get over colourism. Discriminating an actress on a global platform for her skin colour is the lowest a troll can ever hit. We suggest you shun these draconian thoughts and empower women with love instead. In a time of inclusivity and representation your lack of insight is the worst shade of grey.

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