Ileana D’Cruz: Trends keep changing in movies, right now it’s about spectacle movies | Hindi Movie News

As much as the audience enjoyed watching spectacle films, Ileana D’cruz, too had a good time watching such films. With films like RRR or Pathan doing great in big screens, and winning so much love from the audience, Ileana feels that it is just a phase, a trend that we are seeing and it might soon fade away too.
She says, “We have seen so many trends. There was this trend of women centric films too.” With south films doing great, would she like to go back to doing them, a spectacle film this time around? “South films are doing well. It is great, absolutely. I feel in a way I am not someone who would just jump in a running train. If the project feels right, if the character feels right… then maybe. It all comes straight down with the gut feeling.”

She further explains, “If you are sitting with a director, producer and you feel they are going to make a great project and you feel like you would love working with them then I would do it. I had that feeling when I met one of the directors of my upcoming project. I hadn’t even seen their work, but somewhere I felt that they are going to be amazing with their work.”

About the idea of working down south again, she says, “When it comes to jumping in the running trend, I have worked down south for 6 years and it feels great. If a sort of a project came up where it made sense then I don’t think why I wouldn’t do it. But I am not someone to say achcha chalo yeh trend chal raha hai toh let’s do it.”

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